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By Dr Neil Stanley

1. Good sleep is vital for our physical and emotional health. Poor sleep is associated with increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity, greater risk of accidents, lack of motivation and alertness at work, mood swings, irritability and depression. The impact on relationships and overall happiness is also negative.

2. Good sleep plays an important role in moderating our appetite and so if you sleep well you will be less tempted to overeat and thus will be less liable to put on the pounds.

3. Good sleep is important for the optimal functioning of the immune system and increases the risk of getting a cough or cold when something is ‘going around’.

4. Good sleep helps to reduce stress.

5. Good sleep is important for maintaining your sense of humour and for making you feel happy.

6. Good sleep will make you more tolerant and less liable to overreact to the smallest provocation.

7. Good sleep for your children will stop them getting over-sleepy and fractious, contributing to the happiness of one and all.

8. Good sleep helps your willpower and motivation and assists you in making good decisions about your future.

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The way we live today and even the way we sleep has become detrimental to our health. Sleep is something most humans have taken for granted since the beginning of time -a natural rhythm of the body and.


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