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Custom Made Options for the Perfect Night’s Sleep

The most important part of sleep is the right mattress. Choosing the right mattress affects not only your sleep, it has a direct impact on the quality of your life and your health.


Whether you sleep alone or next to someone, choose the biggest bed size possible for your bedroom. More space means more freedom to move during the night and less chance of being disturbed. For taller people a bed length of 2.2 m but all our mattresses can be made in any custom size.


Elite mattresses are made with a final layer of cashmere on the winter side and silk on the summer side. This ensures perfect body temperature regulation whatever the season or the climate. We all know the difference between wearing a silk jersey in summer and cashmere in winter. A similar principle applies to your mattress. For those who live in mostly humid or constantly cold climates, our mattresses can be customised to perfectly suit your personal preferences – whether its the climate you live in or materials you might be allergic to.


Many couples find it hard to choose a mattress they both find comfortable because of their different weights and body shapes. It is quite obvious that a person weighing 90 kg would need completely different support to a person weighing 60kg. Our mattresses are custom made to suit both sleepers. Our “His and Hers” option allows one mattress to be made in two different tensions to perfectly suit each individuals needs.

Choosing your Tension


It’s important to take time to test a bed to ensure that your body is perfectly supported while you sleep. When our bodies are properly supported, we have longer cycles of deep sleep which helps the body restore and regenerate and we wake up feeling more refreshed and ready for the day.

The right tension for your body is a scientific calculation based on your weight and height but comfort is a personal preference. If you are unable to visit our showrooms to experience the mattress yourself, it is possible for us recommend a mattress based on your height, weight and sleeping position. If this is the only option for you, please email one of our sleep specialists to receive our questionnaire so that we may recommend the best mattress for you and your partner.


Discover Our Ranges


Mattresses & bases

Mattresses & bases

A custom-made mattress made from natural materials is an important investment in your sleep and your health. No other item in your bedroom will impact on the quality of your sleep more than the mattress you.

Beds & Headboards

Your bed is the most central piece of furniture and where you will spend most of your time while in your bedroom. Choose from our range of contemporary or classic beds and headboards to make it the focal point.


Be seduced by the sensual feel of the finest imported linens against your skin. Our collections are woven using the highest quality double twisted Egyptian cotton yarns and finished in Italy. The collections.

Gowns & Towels

Our sleep accessories will ensure your bedroom experience is as comfortable as possible. From gowns to towels, all of our accessories are made to order in a variety of designs and finishes..

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