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Elite has been manufacturing the finest hand-made mattresses and beds near the shores of Lake Geneva since 1895. Using only the best natural materials has always been one of the key secrets to assembling the finest quality beds and a core principle that distinguishes Elite craftsmen.

In 2006, the new owner, Francois Pugliese, introduced modern thinking and innovation while remaining true to the core history, values and traditions of the company. Under his leadership and awareness of the challenges facing the planet in our wasteful modern society, his mission is to reduce consumption, share and respect our natural resources and continue to produce quality products that have a longer life and therefore lighter impact on the environment. Elite’s strategy and vision is to be beyond being merely a bed and mattress manufacturer who produces more and more at a greater and greater profit. It is to make a difference in the world.

Most people are unaware that many mattresses contain harmful toxic chemicals that enter the bloodstream when they are inhaled or absorbed through the skin while we sleep. Elite’s philosophy to protect the environment while engaging with customers and paying attention to their well-being and providing healthy and natural sleep is why they deserve the Ecolabel certification.

Because of the nature of our bespoke products and the fluctuation in exchange rates, please note that all these prices are only estimates. To customise a bed especially for you, optional extras are available at an extra charge.

Elite Maestro


This mattress is exceptionally soft, comfortable, and supportive. Made up of a 5-layer body of pocket springs, its technical sophistication simultaneously provides softness and support, everything you expect.

Elite Flamenco Mattress


The Flamenco’s unique “Duoflex” suspension ensures exceptional softness. The pocket springs progressively compress for dynamic, localised support of the spinal column and lumber area..

Elite Soprano Mattress


The core of the Soprano is composed of a large number of micro-springs which guarantees high flexibility and adaption for even the most demanding body types..


The Concerto’s avant-garde “combi-spring” technology is an ingenious combination of different micro-springs that controls the core of this outstanding mattress..


The excellent ergonomic arrangement of the Arpege’s comfort zones is ensured by its “Soft Touch” progressive compression technology..


The Crescendo features just the right blend of softness and support and is distinguished by the progressive anatomical adjustment for greater sleep independence between couples..


The most important part of sleep is a comfortable bed. Your bed and mattress are a major investment in the quality of your sleep and comfort of your bedroom. We recommend a mattress that offers you the best support, based on your height, weight and sleeping position. Each bed we make has its own unique qualities but its firmness can be adjusted. Comfort is not always about softness it’s about support.


All our mattresses and bases are handmade by Elite Beds in Switzerland. Every mattress must be supported by the correct base. It has a significant impact on the comfort and the life of your mattress. Because of this we advise you to choose one of the bases in our Collection.

Ambiance E-Motion

This innovative model with velcro back combines the comfort of spring suspension with the technology of box spring relaxation. The E-Motion features a ‘push and stop’ system that ensures the motors operate.


Specifically designed and recommended to go with the Maestro mattress. Sold in both 30 and 25 cm heights, the boxspring Windsor base, although complimentary of the Maestro is a work of art on its own..

Elite Versailles Base


The Versailles base serves as a box spring and a bed frame. The unique suspension is characterised by its quality, comfort and exceptional durability, enhancing the life and the comfort of your mattress..

elite tradition base


Recommended for beds with an existing frame. The Tradition model is manufactured with a spring suspension like the Versailles model, but it is designed to adapt to any bed frame. It’s 10 cm height fits.

Classic Base

This classic boxspring bed base is replica of the Tradition base without the raised edges. The mattress is secured in the frame of the bed. This base is recommended for beds with an existing frame..

Wooden Boxspring

This wooden Boxspring has a stylish design and meets comfort and back support needs..

Flat Relax

This extra-flat base is divided into two manually adjustable back and leg surfaces, offering many positions for relaxation..

Because of the nature of our bespoke products and the fluctuation in exchange rates, please note that all these prices are only estimates.

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Mattresses & bases

Mattresses & bases

A custom-made mattress made from natural materials is an important investment in your sleep and your health. No other item in your bedroom will impact on the quality of your sleep more than the mattress you.

Beds & Headboards

Your bed is the most central piece of furniture and where you will spend most of your time while in your bedroom. Choose from our range of contemporary or classic beds and headboards to make it the focal point.


Be seduced by the sensual feel of the finest imported linens against your skin. Our collections are woven using the highest quality double twisted Egyptian cotton yarns and finished in Italy. The collections.

Gowns & Towels

Our sleep accessories will ensure your bedroom experience is as comfortable as possible. From gowns to towels, all of our accessories are made to order in a variety of designs and finishes..

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