Try these tips to create the warmest winter bed

Getting a goodnight’s rest is important – poor quality sleep can greatly affect your health and productivity during the day. In winter, your quality of sleep may be threatened as the cold could make you too uncomfortable to get some decent shut-eye. The Hall Collection has 10 tips for you to follow to ensure that your bed is warm and that your sleep goes undisturbed.

1. Sleep in natural bedding

Natural materials like wool, cashmere, cotton, silk and down breathe and regulate body temperature. During winter we suggest you use a wool or cashmere blanket together with your duvet to keep you warm.

2. Prevent drafts

Use draft stoppers along the bottom of your doors and along the seams of your windows to be certain that no chilly air is getting in.

3. Make use of a hot water bottle

Place a hot water bottle in your bed before bedtime – this way you can get under extra-warm sheets when you decide to turn in for the night. You can also cuddle it or keep it near your feet to provide warmth throughout the night. (It is important to choose a good quality and be sure that there are no weak spots that could develop over time.)

4. Use a warm comforter or duvet

Duvets or comforters made from wool, goose-down make for the warmest bedding. These materials trap insulating air pockets between their fibres – the more air pockets that are trapped, the warmer you will be. Four season duvets are a worthy investment that can take you from summer to winter in the perfect temperature for the season.

5. Layer your bed correctly

Make sure you layer your bed with warm winter bedding – doing so provides more insulation, preventing the rapid loss of body heat. Layer your bed with a mattress topper. Then, add under-blanket along with sheets and/or an additional blanket and finally your duvet. For extra layering, add a quilt on top of everything else – it will not only look good, but also provide additional heat when its very cold.

7. Consider getting thicker lined curtains

This won’t keep your bed warm per se but, it is a simple trick to keep your room warmer. Why? Well, most of the heat in your home is lost through the windows – especially if they do not have double-glazing. Getting thicker curtains will help prevent any cold air from entering through the seams of the windows and will also help keep warm air in.

8. Pile up your pillows

Pillows can help insulate you and keep you warm. Place pillows beside you to keep warm.

9. Snuggle up with a partner

If you sleep beside your partner, snuggling up together is the best way to retain your combined body heat and sleep warmly and peacefully.

10. Pick a warm throw blanket

Throw blankets are great insulators. Whether you spread the throw or leave it draped at the bottom of the bed, it can play a big role in making sure your bed is warm enough for you to sleep in and is also ideal when you’re sitting up in bed while reading or talking on the phone.

For more tips on how to stay warm in bed this winter, visit The Sleep Council.

Winter shouldn’t stop you from getting a good night’s sleep so browse through our website to see our collection of the finest Italian linens, cashmere blankets and our custom-made natural Swiss mattresses that have a cashmere side to keep you warm in winter and silk side to keep you cool in summer.

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