The rest your body really needs

Changing the world with one perfect sleep at a time.

This week at the opening of the new Mont Blanc store in Cape Town and the launch of their new collection called Skywalker, the calligrapher asked me what I would like her to write on a note to take home and asked the question, “What mark will you make on the future”.

My mission? “To change the world with one perfect night’s sleep at a time!”

I am passionate about sharing all I learn about GOOD SLEEP with the people I meet. It is being proved to be one of the single most important things we need to function properly. It impacts on our physical, mental and emotional health and wellness.

Did you know that medical sleep specialists have noticed that one of the pre-indicators of depression begins with a lack of being able to sleep properly? And if diagnosed and properly treated early, can easily be prevented. The risk of nearly every chronic disease is reduced when we attend to our sleep health?

Apart from all the good and wonderful things that happen to our body and mind while we sleep, there is another unknown spiritual and magical aspect that we will never understand…

We may never know where we go when we sleep. But we have all experienced nights and beautiful dreams (even when we don’t entirely remember) that make us wake up feeling inspired, refreshed and renewed!
Some believe that it is only in deep sleep and dream-time that we can connect with our higher selves and begin to remember our purpose…

Although it’s not a dream of mine to go to space, I am inspired and listen in awe to these incredible people who pioneer this next adventure of our evolution and expand our human consciousness.

While my work remains here on Terra Firma, wherever you will be placing your head when you close your eyes in the next decades, together with my team at The Hall Collection, we will be making sure that you have the best possible sleep.

One perfect pillow…
One perfect night…
One perfect sleep…

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