World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day is an internationally recognised annual world event created by The World Sleep Society to educate and inform people on the importance of good sleep and its impact on our mental and physical health.

The quality of our sleep has a major impact on our health and wellbeing. Poor sleep may lead to chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and depression.

Sleep is as important as diet and exercise and yet whilst the press is full of positive stories about various diets, healthy eating programs, super foods, exercise regimes etc, sleep in the past was barely mentioned.

In our modern world, statistics show that most people feel that they are performing at about 5/10 and not at their full potential – many purely because they are tired. Another statistic showed in tests that 75% of people around the world were feeling the same as they would if they were permanently jet-lagged. Humans are out of sinc with their natural biological clock because they work at odd hours and overstimulate their minds with television and computers during times when the bodies and minds are meant to be resting.

When we go to sleep at night, our brains begin to process all we have experienced during the day. In our information age, the amount of information we deal with on a daily basis is huge – whereas our parents or grandparents might have written 3 or 4 letters a day, the average person now deals with 300 emails. It is estimated that a single copy of The New York Times is about the same amount of information that the average person living 100 years ago processed in a life-time. Our bodies and minds have not evolved as fast as technology. Computers are designed to absorb this amount of information, we are not. We know that overloaded computers crash. What happens to humans?

Aside from the hours we sleep, its the ability to put the day behind us, realise that there is nothing more that can be done and hope that we did our best. The kindest thing we can do for ourselves at the end of the day, is to enjoy a good nights sleep and as Scarlett O’Hara proclaimed in Gone with the Wind – “tomorrow is after all, another day!”.

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