Fragrance and Flowers

Smell is one of our most powerful senses and can instantly trigger memories and alter our moods.

In ancient times, the Greek physician, Marestheus noted that wearing garlands of various leaves and flowers had an impact on the wearer. Scents like lavender, rose geranium and camomile are calming and may help us feel more relaxed. Some scents will be up-lifting but certain overwhelming scents of candles, room fragrances, detergents, fabric softeners and cleaning materials in your bedroom may affect your ability to fall asleep. Our sense of smell is subjective, causing each of us to have a different reaction to the same scent.


The beauty of fresh flowers can brighten a room and instantly improve your mood. Choose ones that bring you a sense of serenity and happiness.


  1. Choose fragrant flowers that are used in aromatherapy and whose scents appeal to you.
  2. Use only fresh flowers and make sure that there are no insects on them. You don’t want them to come and bite you during the night.
  3. Soothing colours like white, light pink, light yellow and lavender are ideal.

The most popular bedroom flowers are chamomile, roses, jasmine, lavender, carnation and orchids. Red roses are best for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries

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