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Choosing the filling in your duvet and pillows is as important as choosing good under-wear. You would never choose to drink French Champagne from a plastic cup, so why would you place poor quality pillows and duvets in your beautiful linen? The type of filling and correct weight of your duvet and pillow are important for you to sleep well.

Down comes from the plumage of geese or ducks and has a luxurious softness. It is a natural light weight fibre and regulates heat. Down is a cluster of thousands of tiny fibres and has no quill. These clusters are found below the feathers on the belly and keep the bird warm. Goose and Duck down are similar. However, geese are larger than ducks and so their down clusters are larger and result in a fluffier feel and better insulation. Down can vary in colour from white to dark gray depending on the age and season in which the down was harvested. Goose-down is generally more expensive than duck-down.

The smaller feathers of ducks and geese are used in featherbeds and pillows. They do not provide insulation and are used mainly for support.

Silk is a perfect natural alternative to down if you suffer from allergies because the protein structure of silk makes it an inhospitable environment for dust-mites. Like down, it regulates heat.

If you are allergic to down, hollow-fibre or micro-fibre pillows are an alternative. These are made
from polyester and usually have a cotton cover. They are relatively cheap but don’t have a good life-span as they flatten quickly. They are 100% man-made fibre and can be hot because it doesn’t ‘breathe’.

Latex is made from the sap of rubber trees. It is resistant to bacteria and a good choice if you suffer from allergies. Be aware that this foam can be made from either natural or synthetic rubber. Unlike memory foam, it bounces back to its original shape quickly and does not have that “sinking” feeling that you get with Memory foam.

There is nothing like a good quality down. It is by far the best insulator and has the ability to bounce back more than any other filling once its compressed. If cared for properly, it will outlast any other filling.

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