Choosing Your Mattress

The most critical component of any bedroom is a comfortable bed. Your bed and mattress is the major investment that will make your bedroom feel cozy and inviting and should also make you sleep better.

The key to a good mattress is how it supports your spine, joints and muscles. Custom-made mattresses considers the different weights of each partner. The person who weighs 50 kg would not need the same mattress as one who weighs 150 kg. Elite mattresses take this into account and offer a “his and hers” option.

CHOOSE A BED THAT IS THE RIGHT FOR YOUR SIZE, WEIGHT, SHAPE AND HEIGHT. This does not necessarily mean you have to buy an expensive bed to get good sleep. It means you should buy the right bed for you. Take time testing various beds to find the one that is mos comfortable for your body. You will spend more time in your bed than you will spend anywhere else so it is worth the investment of time and money.

CHOOSE THE BIGGEST BED POSSIBLE FOR YOUR BEDROOM. Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, give yourself as much room as possible. Choose the biggest bed you can for your room. More space will enable you to move freely, sleep in the position that best suits you and be less disturbed by your partner during the night.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT LENGTH. Even extra length (which is only 2 meters) is not long enough to support the body of tall people correctly. Sizes of 220 cm long and even longer can be made and should be considered by tall people.

NATURAL FIBRES REGULATE YOUR TEMPERATURE. Natural fibes like wool, cotton, silk, mohair, horsehair and cashmere are used in good mattresses because they adapt to your body temperature to keep you comfortably warm or cool at any time of the year.

HIS AND HER OPTIONS. It is an obvious observation that a person who weighs 50 kg does not need the same support as one who weighs 150 kg. A bespoke mattress is custom-made to suit the individual needs of two people who share a bed and who have very different weights.

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