Turning your bedroom designs into reality

The Hall Design Studio specialises in bedroom interior design, offering their unique expertise and service to residential, corporate and hotel projects.

Our most private and intimate moment are spent in our bedrooms. We believe that it deserves special attention as it is where we all go at the end of the day to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Our time spend relaxing and sleeping determines our energy for the following day and affects the quality of the rest of our lives. Our bedrooms should be designed to create balance and well-being, helping us lead fulfilled and healthy lives.

While designing bedrooms we take into consideration both the visual and functional perspectives, bringing the finest luxury and good sleep to bedroom projects around the world.

A truly amazing service with the highest quality products giving me the best sleep ever!

Osman E

After sleeping on our elite mattress for just one night I already noticed the difference – it was the first time in years that I woke up feeling truly rested.

Natasha & Antoine R
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My experience of our bed and bed linen was changed for life by The Hall Collection, you can never go back once you have been introduced to Quagliotti linen.

Lara O