The Hall Collection helped me to understand and explore extraordinary sleep. It is common that most of us underestimate the importance of a good nights rest and all the factors that can affect the sleep experience. The personal attention i received in selecting my own bed & linen was memorable, Debbie guided me into selecting the perfect colour scheme and style from the multiple styles and options imported from Italy. The quality is amazing and it was a very difficult choice but i was guided to choose the linen design that matched my personal style which was very exciting, i couldn’t wait to ‘dress’ my room! I was guided to select the mattress that would offer me the best support based on my height, weight and sleeping position and i eventually chose the ‘Maestro’ after being given the opportunity to ‘test’ the mattress in the Hall Collection’s showroom in Cape Town. The ordering process was seamless and extremely professional & the linen was delivered to my house wrapped in the most elegant way, i didn’t expect the level of service but was indeed blown away!

Seeing that i spend a large part of my day in my bedroom i was given much insight by Debbie Hall on the importance of this space in a home.

Months later, not only does this high quality mattress & luxurious linen help me to enjoy my room more, but it brings a new level of comfort into my bedroom. I personally feel more relaxed and recharged after a good nights rest as the sleep experience is truly enhanced and i am able to enjoy a deeper level of sleep at night. Enhancing my sleep experience with the guidance of Debbie Hall herself have changed my life. I feel like a queen every night i climb into bed and appreciate the guidance i was given to improve my sleep experience as it truly makes a big difference in my daily life. I am now a firm believer that the attention to detail that goes into ‘dressing a room’ is of utmost importance in living a mindful life!

I was introduced to Debbie Hall and Quagliotti bed linen well over a decade ago. The product is beautiful and of uniquely superb quality. While it does come with a significant price tag, it has made a huge difference to my quality of sleep which makes it a worthwhile investment. But the cherry on top is the personalised and knowledgeable service provided by Debbie. Her patience, expertise and commitment to creating healthy lifestyles through quality sleep is truly transformational. I am a grateful convert.