The Hall Collection was conceived in 2006. Our collection of bespoke ranges focuses on bringing luxury back to the boudoir. We have built relationships with only the best craftsmen and women in order to source unique, quality products – from bespoke mattresses and beds made by Swiss Craftsmen to the finest Egyptian linens, blankets and quilts woven in Italy. Our passion for genuine quality means we only offer bedding made from natural materials. In a world of mass production we believe that true luxury should always be carefully considered and that’s why we make completely bespoke mattresses. We realise the importance of spending time choosing and investing in the right bed. Pain, discomfort and a lack of deep, restorative sleep are often caused by the wrong mattress. We build personal relationships with all of our clients. By establishing their true needs based on their height, weight and preferences we create perfectly tailored bedding. We know the best dreams begin with a good night’s sleep.

The Founder


Born with the natural ability to make everyone around her to feel comfortable and happy, Debbie Reinders Hall has made food and hospitality her life. With formal training as a Cordon Bleu chef, Debbie believes a good plate of food and a comfortable bedroom have similar qualities – each should look beautiful, be equally as tempting and have delicious textures and fragrances.

When she noticed how little attention people were paying to their bedrooms and sleep she began to dedicate her life to educating her clients. Debbie knows that the quality of your sleep has a direct impact on your life. She inspires her clients to pay as much attention to their bedrooms as they would to any other part of their homes.

Because of this Debbie firmly believes that bedrooms need to be turned into sanctuaries;

“A bed is a very personal space. It’s where we think, love, dream and where we allow ourselves the greatest comfort of sleep. It’s where we live the best parts of our lives. Yes we sell beds, but more importantly we create dreams.”

Meet the Team


Tavia Pharaoh

Vanessa Weissenstein

Michelle Steinhobel

Theresa Widlake

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